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Organisation profile

Organisation profile

The main aims of the research group are to develop, identify and conceptualize practice research, including the theoretical, methodological profession-developing and practice-developing foundation.

The Practice Research and Service User Perspective research group (PRAKSIS) establishes research processes aiming at developing and qualifying social work practice through close collaboration with social work practitioners and service users.


We develop understandings, definitions, theoretical foundations of practice research and service user perspectives, testing understandings, definitions and theory in social work practice.

We have cooperated with municipalities, regions, institutions and NGO's. Here we have developed understandings and definitions of service user perspectives, as well as research results in service user perspectives.


Representatives of the group have obtained a central position during the last 10 years in the development of practice research in social work. The researchers has participated in the international group planning five international conferences on social work practice research. We have also taken initiatives to establish a special interest group on practice research in the European Social Work Research Association and a Nordic network of practice research in social work within the Nordic research association.

Members of the group have headed both networks, delivered several presentations and workshops on the topic at other conferences, and have published more than 40 articles and book chapters on practice research.


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Collaborations from the last five years

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