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Organization profile

Organisation profile

Psychiatry and Society

- A research group within the Danish Centre for Philosophy and Science studies

The research group Psychiatry and Society is a network of and forum for social scientists who share the research interest in the complex relationship between psychiatry and society. As such, the research group addresses and covers a broad variety of research areas that focuses on the intersections between the two, for example:

  • Social pathologies, social change and the transformation of the psychiatric gaze.
  • Medicalization and the hegemony of the biomedical and psychiatric perspective.
  • Distortions of subjectivity - individualism, and the mass-psychology of neo-liberalism.
  • New Public Management and socio-technics of governance, molecular biopolitics; relations between health professionals and patients.

The purpose of the group is twofold: Firstly, we want to establish a dynamic and productive network for researchers with a common interest in psychiatry and society. Secondly, we aim at elaborating on and further developing, by means of interdisciplinary research, the theoretical, methodological and social scientific approaches to the questions in matter. We thus encourage people from different disciplines such as sociology, political science and the humanities to participate in the group. 


  1. Arrange internal seminars.
  2. Plan national and international conferences, workshops etc.
  3. Set up an Inter-Nordic network for social scientist with the same interest.
  4. Publish papers, books, anthologies etc. within the research area.

Participants (to date):
Anders Petersen (Group Leader), Assistant Professor in Sociology, Aalborg University, Denmark: apt@socsci.aau.dk

Margrethe Nielsen, Ph.d. Scholar at the Cohrane Institute, Denmark: mn@cohrane.dk

Pia Ringø, Ph.d. Scholar in Social Work, Aalborg University, Denmark: ringoe@socsci.aau.dk

Gunnar Scott Reinbacher, Associate Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark: scott@ihis.aau.dk

Lennart Nørreklit, Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark: lennart@learning.aau.dk

Jörg Zeller, Scientific Assistant, Aalborg University: zeller@hum.aau.dk

Maziar Etemadi, Ph.d. Scholar in Philosophy, Aalborg University, Denmark:  maziar@learning.aau.dk

Peter Øhrstrøm, Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark: poe@hum.aau.dk

Svend Brinkmann, Professor in Psuchology, Aalborg University, Denmark: svendb@hum.aau.dk

None yet

Anders Petersen: apt@socsci.aau.dk