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Organization profile

Organisation profile

Head of Division
Kjeld Svidt

The Architectural Engineering division is concerned with research and education in the analysis, design, construction, and operation of engineering systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. The Architectural Engineering division focuses on an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to achieve optimal building designs and pays special attention to the relationships between design solutions and the indoor as well as the surrounding environment. This implies integration of architectural design with engineering systems like lighting, acoustics, fire protection, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, structural systems, communications and control, as well as close cooperation with other key players in all areas of the building process.

The Architectural Engineering division has selected the following key research areas:

  • Building Informatics
    Research and teaching within design, integration and structuring of ICT tools, and product and process models in the entire building process. Focus is on information management including model collaboration and knowledge transfer between participants in design, construction, operation, maintenance and use of buildings.
  • Energy in Buildings
    Research on energy efficient building design, interaction of energy technologies and building design, and optimization of interaction in between buildings, building clusters, building services, passive and natural energy systems and energy grids.
  • Indoor Environment and Sustainable Buildings
    Research on indoor environment based on a holistic evaluation of comfort, health and well-being also including combined effects from several indoor environmental parameters. Research on sustainable buildings focusing on social and environmental sustainability.
  • Ventilation and Airflow in Buildings
    Research on ventilation and air flow processes in buildings and building services and their impact on energy and mass flow in buildings, thermal comfort, indoor air quality and health.


  • Laboratory of Building Energy and Indoor Environment
  • IT Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Building Material Characterization


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