Organisation profile

Organisation profile

The overall purpose of this interdisciplinary research group is to investigate, through theoretical basic research and applied practice-oriented research, how human's relationship with the world and nature and the concept of health can be reconsidered and combined in an existential-phenomenological, time-philosophical and aesthetic-psychological perspective. ​

The research group places special focus on the connection between Environmental Humanities and Health Humanities, as the climate and biodiversity crisis is seen on an existential and resonance theoretical level as connected to the existential health crisis (loneliness, stress, burnout, depression, the experience of a lack of meaning).​​

Key concepts such as Time, Existence and Nature connectedness  (TEN) and mental health are critically elucidated from an exploratory (via empirical action research) and conceptual-searching approach, where two concepts such as 'Existential Sustainability' and 'Existential Health' ') is central.​

The research group is also concerned with how sustainable thinking and a concept of existential health can be thought of within sustainability pedagogy and sustainable work environments at various educational and professional levels. Theoretically, by working with a concept of "Existential Eco-literacy", where the play between Art and Nature experiences on the one hand and Philosophical-Socratic Communities of Wonder on the other is particularly central. ​But other approaches to eco-literacy (øko-dannelse) will also be investigated.

The research group is responsible for several annual recurring research and dialogue seminars and has a broad network of affiliated researchers in Denmark and abroad. The group's members also engage in lectures, communication, education and innovation contexts outside the university.


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