Organisation profile

Organisation profile

The research group WISER stems from a collaboration between the Department of Politics and Society and the Department of Sociology and Social Work.

WISER focuses on the field of employment policy, and contributes research on labor market policy and political development, on organizational and managerial issues and on professional practice and social work in the field of employment. A current focus area in the research group is how municipal practice translates policy into reality for unemployed citizens. The focus is, among other things, on what happens in meetings between employees in the field of employment and citizens with complex problems, and how citizens are involved and experience their situation.


Several of WISER's research projects take place in dialogue and close collaboration with municipal actors and stakeholders in the field. This ongoing dialogue contributes to impact and allows research to have a concrete impact on societal changes.



WISER is affiliated with both the cluster Institutions, Policy & Behavior at the Department of Politics and Society, AAU and FoSo (Research in Social Work), which is an interdisciplinary research unit at the Department of Sociology and Social Work. This unit constitutes Denmark's largest research environment within social work.


Professor Dorte Caswell, Department of Sociology and Social Work and Associate Professor Marie Østergaard Møller, Department of Politics and Society.


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