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Photo of John Hird
Photo of Bolette Friderichsen

Bolette Friderichsen

Person: VIP

Photo of Chris Olsen

Chris Olsen

Person: VIP

Photo of Alexander Korsvang Hagelskjær
Photo of Thomas Harald Krause

Thomas Harald Krause

Person: VIP

Photo of Violeta Kuldaite

Violeta Kuldaite

Person: TAP

Photo of Helene Olesen

Helene Olesen

Person: TAP

Photo of Sabrina Jackline Siff Nicolai

Sabrina Jackline Siff Nicolai

Person: VIP

Photo of Morten Lund
Photo of Frederik Bonde Zilstorff

Frederik Bonde Zilstorff

Person: TAP

Photo of Line Emilie Kristensen

Line Emilie Kristensen

Person: TAP

Photo of Anne Sofie Hansen

Anne Sofie Hansen

Person: Associated to Aalborg UH, VIP, External

Photo of Heidi Holm

Heidi Holm

Person: TAP

Photo of Erik Ramsgaard Wognsen
Photo of Michelle Brattain