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Photo of Sofie Wasenius Mikkelsen

Sofie Wasenius Mikkelsen

Person: VIP

Photo of Bolette Daniels Beck
Photo of Rasmus Suhr Mogensen

Rasmus Suhr Mogensen

Person: VIP

Photo of Line Wigard

Line Wigard

Person: VIP

Photo of Marie-Louise S. Hansen

Marie-Louise S. Hansen

Person: TAP

Photo of Peng Yang

Peng Yang

Person: External

Photo of Jonas Halborg Andersen
Photo of Dylan Chau Huynh
Photo of Alexa Hartaganu-Chincisan

Alexa Hartaganu-Chincisan

Person: VIP

Photo of Francesco Caviglia

Francesco Caviglia

Person: External

No photo of Jette Christensen
Photo of Daniel Loke Lynge Thøgersen

Daniel Loke Lynge Thøgersen

Person: VIP, TAP

Photo of Trine Ahrensborg Kragh

Trine Ahrensborg Kragh

Person: TAP

Photo of Eva Boyer Munkholm

Eva Boyer Munkholm

Person: VIP

Photo of Jakob Gjørling

Jakob Gjørling

Person: VIP