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  1. Scientific subjects: Pedagogy, Bildung, Professional Development in Higher Education and Human Science Professions (psychology), Problem Based Learning, Project work, Supervision, Philosophy of Science. Existential phenomenology: the term, the historical roots and the style.

  2. Theoretical inspirations: Existential phenomenology (Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger, Gadamer, Ricoeur),psychoanalysis (Bion), critical theory (Habermas, Negt).

  3. Qualitative methods: Existential-Phenomenological and sociological research methods widely (participant observation, interviewing), with a special interest in methodological reflections, and research design considerations.

Initiator and co-founder of The Danish Society for Existential Phenomenology. The Society consists of an interdisciplinary group of practitioners and researchers who make use of existential phenomenological theory in their work and who publish articles and books about it. The Society was founded in 2010.


  • Psychology
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Pedagogics and Learning


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