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Jacob Rubæk Holm obtained his PhD in the Economics of Innovation from Aalborg University in February 2012 and has been a researcher at Aalborg University since.

Jacob does research in industrial dynamics and economic geography with a basis in his experience with evolutionary economics and the economics of innovation.

His research focusses on regional, industrial and structural change over time and ranges from specific studies of industries in regions to theoretical and methodological contributions with an evolutionary angle.

His studies of regional change include analyses of the different paces of regional development that is observed in many developed countries. His studies of industrial change include studies of the development of younger industries such as ICT and the aftermath of old industries in developed countries such as ship building. His studies of structural change include analysis of the changing skill requirements that workers face as technology and requirements for environmental sustainability change. They also include an emphasis on the role of the institutional context in shaping the organization of work.

Since 2018 Jacob has been part of the "SAMF talent program for young researchers" ( Jacob's talent project includes collecting and analyzing data on workers’ use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics, and analyzing how this use affects jobs.


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