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As an Associate Professor in Philosophy and a work-life researcher I am particularly occupied with how the societal, structural, political, normative and cultural circumstances in the late modern society affects the working human being and the human beings existence and co-existence with the living. 

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Min undervisning er delt mellem to hovedområder: Videnskabsteori på BA i Kommunikation og Digitale Medier, samt diskursstudier på KA i Kommunikation og Digitale Medier; socialpsykologi, pædagogisk psykologi og klimapsykologi på AAU's psykologiuddannelse. 

Administrative profile

Organizational Health & Safety Manager, Department of Communication and Psychology; 
Organizational Health & Safety Representative; Department of Communication and Psychology, vice-chairman of the Coorperation, Health & Safety Committee; 
Organizational Health & Safety Representative, Social Sciences and Humanity Faculty; 
Vice-chairman, AAU Executive Health & Safety Committee. 


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