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  • Additional file 1 of Understanding what matters most to patients in acute care in seven countries, using the flash mob study design

    van Benthum, S. (Contributor), Balakrishnan, T. (Contributor), collaborators, O. B. O. A. L. (Creator), Dekkers, M. J. (Contributor), Rowling, S. C. (Contributor), Schouten, I. (Creator), Heitz, A. F. (Contributor), Stassen, P. M. (Contributor), Holleman, F. (Contributor), Lindholm, S. F. (Contributor), Lewis, A. (Contributor), Christensen, E. F. (Creator), Mir, F. (Contributor), Alsma, J. (Creator), Cozens, T. (Contributor), Down, A. (Contributor), Kabboue, H. (Contributor), Dees, A. (Contributor), van den Besselaar, J. (Contributor), Green, A. M. (Contributor), Christophersen, T. (Contributor), Schouten, B. (Creator), Lavell, A. (Contributor), Schultz, M. (Contributor), Govers, A. (Contributor), Van Den Beuken, S. J. L. W. (Contributor), Tin, L. W. (Contributor), Seccombe, A. (Contributor), H?g, H. S. (Contributor), van Galen, L. S. (Contributor), Gamst-Jensen, H. (Contributor), Zaalberg, T. (Contributor), Siegert, C. E. H. (Contributor), Jacobs, E. M. G. (Contributor), Skj?t-Arkil, H. (Contributor), Wors?e, M. (Contributor), Karstensen, H. (Contributor), Altemimi, H. (Contributor), Kellett, J. (Creator), Weerasekera, C. (Contributor), Thomsen, T. S. (Contributor), Logtenberg, S. J. J. (Contributor), Yan, L. E. U. N. G. L. (Contributor), Nielsen, S. N. (Contributor), Subbe, C. P. (Creator), Raz, Y. (Contributor), Soe, T. (Contributor), Lo, R. (Contributor), Nickel, C. H. (Creator), Tygesen, G. B. (Contributor), Deenen, S. (Contributor), ter Maaten, J. C. (Contributor), Bouchy Jacobsson, M. M. A. (Contributor), Carels, G. (Contributor), Leung, L. (Contributor), Nielsen, C. D. (Contributor), Jensen, K. M. (Contributor), Timmers, G. (Contributor), Boogers, W. (Contributor), Snijer, B. (Contributor), Weichert, I. (Creator), Nadarajah, C. V. (Contributor), Cooksley, T. (Creator), Soong, J. (Contributor), van Munster, B. V. (Contributor), Bosch, F. H. (Contributor), Nannan Panday, R. S. (Contributor), Aabling, R. (Contributor), Hansen, S. N. (Contributor), Iversen, K. K. (Contributor), Brabrand, M. (Creator), Schinkel, M. (Contributor), Noordzij-Nooteboom, H. S. (Contributor), Todorovac, N. (Contributor), Andersen, K. V. (Contributor), Keurlings, P. A. J. (Contributor), Schattenkerk, D. E. (Contributor), Romano, L. (Contributor), Merten, H. (Creator), van Pelt-Sprangers, P. J. M. (Contributor), Smedegaard, C. (Contributor), Pedersen, L. (Contributor), Ward, D. (Contributor), Nielsen, V. M. L. (Contributor), Anten, S. (Contributor), Kidney, R. M. (Creator), de Kleijn, L. (Contributor), Bri?t-Schipper, N. (Contributor), Graham, C. (Creator), Nanayakkara, P. W. B. (Creator), El Morabit, F. (Contributor), Kreiberg, M. P. B. (Contributor), H?gsgaard, D. (Contributor), Siegrist, V. (Creator), Bove, D. G. (Contributor), Petersen, P. (Contributor), Buunk, G. (Contributor), Hoogerwerf, J. J. (Contributor), Nygaard, H. (Contributor), Barten, D. G. (Contributor), Graham, C. A. (Creator), van den Corput, B. (Contributor), Mikkelsen, V. K. S. (Contributor), Holland, M. (Creator), Kristensen, T. M. (Contributor), van den Ende, E. S. (Contributor), Nashi, N. (Contributor), Kremers, M. N. T. (Creator), Gans, E. (Contributor), Laugesen, S. (Creator), Lyngholm, L. E. (Contributor), Verhoeff, M. (Contributor), So, R. K. L. (Contributor), Laugesen, L. E. (Creator), Lovell, B. (Contributor), McDonald, J. (Contributor), van den Berg, A. (Contributor), Hallas, P. (Contributor), Ludwig, M. (Contributor), Zainuddin, S. K. B. (Contributor) & Haak, H. R. (Creator), Figshare, 1 Jan 2021


  • Understanding what matters most to patients in acute care in seven countries, using the flash mob study design

    Andersen, K. V. (Contributor), Hallas, P. (Contributor), Cozens, T. (Contributor), Ludwig, M. (Contributor), van Benthum, S. (Contributor), van den Berg, A. (Contributor), Jacobs, E. M. G. (Contributor), Lovell, B. (Contributor), Bosch, F. H. (Contributor), Smedegaard, C. (Contributor), Soe, T. (Contributor), Christensen, E. F. (Creator), Subbe, C. P. (Creator), Holleman, F. (Contributor), Iversen, K. K. (Contributor), van Munster, B. V. (Contributor), Jensen, K. M. (Contributor), Soong, J. (Contributor), van den Ende, E. S. (Contributor), Green, A. M. (Contributor), Kidney, R. M. (Creator), Zaalberg, T. (Contributor), Skj?t-Arkil, H. (Contributor), Altemimi, H. (Contributor), Brabrand, M. (Creator), Nashi, N. (Contributor), Weerasekera, C. (Contributor), Verhoeff, M. (Contributor), Nadarajah, C. V. (Contributor), Leung, L. (Contributor), Schouten, B. (Creator), Petersen, P. (Contributor), Hansen, S. N. (Contributor), Wors?e, M. (Contributor), Pedersen, L. (Contributor), Logtenberg, S. J. J. (Contributor), Snijer, B. (Contributor), Alsma, J. (Creator), Lo, R. (Contributor), Heitz, A. F. (Contributor), Zainuddin, S. K. B. (Contributor), Boogers, W. (Contributor), Kellett, J. (Creator), Noordzij-Nooteboom, H. S. (Contributor), Merten, H. (Creator), Kabboue, H. (Contributor), Haak, H. R. (Creator), Kreiberg, M. P. B. (Contributor), Kristensen, T. M. (Contributor), Siegert, C. E. H. (Contributor), Mir, F. (Contributor), Laugesen, S. (Creator), Raz, Y. (Contributor), Graham, C. A. (Creator), Timmers, G. (Contributor), Mikkelsen, V. K. S. (Contributor), Nannan Panday, R. S. (Contributor), Bri?t-Schipper, N. (Contributor), Govers, A. (Contributor), Nielsen, V. M. L. (Contributor), Cooksley, T. (Creator), van Pelt-Sprangers, P. J. M. (Contributor), Todorovac, N. (Contributor), Anten, S. (Contributor), Weichert, I. (Creator), Stassen, P. M. (Contributor), Keurlings, P. A. J. (Contributor), Lyngholm, L. E. (Contributor), Nanayakkara, P. W. B. (Creator), Dees, A. (Contributor), Thomsen, T. S. (Contributor), Barten, D. G. (Contributor), Dekkers, M. J. (Contributor), McDonald, J. (Contributor), Balakrishnan, T. (Contributor), Lindholm, S. F. (Contributor), ter Maaten, J. C. (Contributor), Gans, E. (Contributor), H?g, H. S. (Contributor), van den Besselaar, J. (Contributor), Holland, M. (Creator), Buunk, G. (Contributor), Van Den Beuken, S. J. L. W. (Contributor), Schattenkerk, D. E. (Contributor), El Morabit, F. (Contributor), Graham, C. (Creator), Bouchy Jacobsson, M. M. A. (Contributor), Hoogerwerf, J. J. (Contributor), Schinkel, M. (Contributor), Lewis, A. (Contributor), Tygesen, G. B. (Contributor), Down, A. (Contributor), collaborators, O. B. O. A. L. (Creator), So, R. K. L. (Contributor), Nielsen, C. D. (Contributor), Laugesen, L. E. (Creator), Romano, L. (Contributor), Deenen, S. (Contributor), Aabling, R. (Contributor), Ward, D. (Contributor), Nickel, C. H. (Creator), Kremers, M. N. T. (Creator), Lavell, A. (Contributor), Gamst-Jensen, H. (Contributor), van den Corput, B. (Contributor), Schouten, I. (Creator), Siegrist, V. (Creator), Nygaard, H. (Contributor), Schultz, M. (Contributor), H?gsgaard, D. (Contributor), Tin, L. W. (Contributor), Rowling, S. C. (Contributor), van Galen, L. S. (Contributor), de Kleijn, L. (Contributor), Carels, G. (Contributor), Nielsen, S. N. (Contributor), Bove, D. G. (Contributor), Seccombe, A. (Contributor), Christophersen, T. (Contributor), Yan, L. E. U. N. G. L. (Contributor) & Karstensen, H. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2021


  • Diagnosis and mortality of emergency department patients in the North Denmark region

    Breinholt Søvsø, M. (Creator), Hermansen, S. B. (Creator), Færk, E. (Creator), Lindskou, T. A. (Creator), Ludwig, M. (Creator), Møller, J. M. (Creator), Jonciauskiene, J. (Creator) & Christensen, E. F. (Creator), Figshare, 2018

    Dataset: Supplementary material