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I am currently part of the research project PLACES, with Svend Brinkmann, Rasmus Birk, and Sebastian Tobias-Renstrøm. The goal of the project is to investigate the relationships between ADHD and anxiety, and the social, cultural, and spacial contexts that individuals live in. Specifically, we want to investigate how individuals co-create their own contexts and life situations, including here ways that may help their everyday lives and alleviate their symptoms. Simultaneously we also want to examine how the contexts and situations individuals exist within affect them, their everyday lives, and their general life with anxiety or ADHD.

My Ph.D.-project was part of the research center, The Culture of Grief, and supervised by Anders Petersen and Svend Brinkmann. With the forthcoming diagnostic classification of Prolonged Grief Disorder as my starting point, I researched the societal meaning of death and its socio-cultural transformation. Via ethnographic fieldwork, that I called gonzo sociology, I discussed how grief now exists in an ongoing tension-filled fight for the rights to define what grief is, whether or not it could be seen as a disease and if so how it should be treated.

Teaching profile

Psychology, bachelor:

I teach, hold seminars and coordinate the 1st semester course Social Psychology and Social Theory

I supervise projects in the course Problem Based Learning on 1st semester

I supervise projects in the course Social and Personality Psychology on 2. semester.

Sociology, bachelor:

Supervisor on the 2nd semester course, Philosophy of Science and Project Design

Supervisor on bachelor projects on topics such as death, grief, critical sociology and cultural sociology

I have previously taught courses on Quantitative methods and Demography. Furthermore, I have supervised projects on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th semester. 


Psychology, masters:

I teach on the elective course Feminist Theory and Psychology

I teach and coordinate the elective course Grief and Love

Sociology, masters:

Teaching and supervision on the elective course Social Deviance and Diagnosis of the Times

Supervision on masters projects on topics such as death, grief, critical sociology and cultural sociology

Education/Academic qualification

Psychology, Ph.D., Grief as Disorder - on the transformation of grief from existential emotion to pathological condition, Department of Communication and Psychology

1 Apr 201828 Jan 2022

Award Date: 28 Jan 2022


  • Sociology and Social Conditions
  • Sociological theory
  • Grief
  • Death
  • Critical Theory
  • Diagnostic Culture
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Existential Sociology
  • Acceleration


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