Teacher of the Year 2012 at the Study Committee of Civil Engineering

  • Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen (Recipient)

Prize: Educational prizes


Students belonging to The Study Committee of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, have elected Associate Professor Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen as "Teacher of the Year 2012". The election was based on the following nomination from the students:
• High academic level
• Possesses great enthusiasm when it comes to teaching
Problem solving
• Do not mind staying late and helping students with problem solving when he feel that they are devoted to the material
• That the students are devoted to the material is also partly because Lars gives good assignments that encourage a deeper study into the material • Established extra workshops when he saw that several students were having a difficult time sharing the material
• Big praise for his approach as supervisor for groups
• Has an ”open door” policy which means that you quickly can have a makeshift supervisor meeting where he in five minutes can give many good feedback for further use in the project.

Award Winner
Granting OrganisationsB-studienævnet, Aalborg Universitet