Teacher of the Year 2017 at the Study Committee of Civil Engineering

  • Clausen, Johan Christian (Recipient)

Prize: Educational prizes


Students belonging to The Study Committee of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, have elected Associate Professor Johan Clausen as "Teacher of the Year 2017". The election was based on the following nomination from the students:

• Explains the material thoroughly at a suitable pace
• Includes Kahoot which contributes positively to the learning process
• Creates space for the students’ explanations
• Tries to guide the students towards the correct procedures
• The students are never bored in the lectures

Teaching material
• Amount and degree of difficulty of the material are adjusted to the target group
• Always takes the students’ comment seriously and is open to explore alternatives in the material

• Pleasant personality – one with whom you could easily have a cup of coffee
• Good at helping the students understand the material
Degree of recognitionLocal
Granting OrganisationsB-studienævnet, Aalborg Universitet