Teacher of the Year 2019 at the Study Board of Civil Engineering

Prize: Educational prizes


Students belonging to The Study Committee of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, have elected Associate Professor Jesper Ellerbæk Nielsen as "Teacher of the Year 2019". The election was based on the nomination from the students from following courses:

• Experimental Hydrology (Water and Environment 8. + 10 sem.)
• Environmental Soil Science and Geostatistics (Water and Environment 8. + 10 sem.)
• Advanced Hydrodynamic Modelling and Visualisation (Water and Environment 10. sem.)
• Urban Hydroinformatics (Water and Environment 10. sem.)

Jesper is good at teaching and is able to hold the students’ interest with his attentive and focused teaching. He has consistently provided a good and structured teaching with the students in focus. He takes his time with constructive feedback with submitted assignments, which is useful going forward.

For eachcourse, Jesper delivers teaching that is more than expected. He is well-prepared,and he has obviously put energy and resources into delivering the best possibleteaching. The teaching is delivered with a motivation and an engagement thatrub off on the students and improve the quality of the teaching. It is clearthat the purpose of the teaching is for the students to learn and understandhow the teaching material can be used in practice. This is illustrated withcomprehendible examples and assignments that can also be used in the projectwork.

We believethat he is one of the best teachers we have had during our time at thedepartment, and he has undoubtedly contributed positively to our education.Jesper is always forthcoming and meet the students at eye level and with anunderstanding of them and their knowledge.
Degree of recognitionLocal
Granting OrganisationsB-studienævnet, Aalborg Universitet

Awarded at event

Event titleDimission 2019
LocationDepartment of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, Aalborg, DenmarkShow on map
Period28 Jun 2019 → 28 Jun 2019