2022 Building and Environment Best Paper Award

  • Chinazzo, Giorgia (Recipient), Andersen, Rune Korsholm (Recipient), Azar, Elie (Recipient), Barthelmes, Verena M. (Recipient), Becchio, Cristina (Recipient), Belussi, Lorenzo (Recipient), Berger, Christiane (Recipient), Carlucci, Salvatore (Recipient), Corgnati, Stefano (Recipient), Crosby, Sarah (Recipient), Danza, Ludovico (Recipient), de Castro, Luiza (Recipient), Favero, Matteo (Recipient), Gauthier, Stephanie (Recipient), Hellwig, Runa T. (Recipient), Jin, Quan (Recipient), Kim, Joyce (Recipient), Khanie, Mandana Sarey (Recipient), Khovalyg, Dolaana (Recipient), Lingua, Carola (Recipient), Luna-Navarro, Alessandra (Recipient), Mahdavi, Ardeshir (Recipient), Miller, Clayton (Recipient), Mino-Rodriguez, Isabel (Recipient), Pigliautile, Ilaria (Recipient), Pisello, Anna Laura (Recipient), Rupp, Ricardo Forgiarini (Recipient), Sadick, Abdul-Manan (Recipient), Salamone, Francesco (Recipient), Schweiker, Marcel (Recipient), Syndicus, Marc (Recipient), Spigliantini, Giorgia (Recipient), Giraldo Vasquez, Natalia (Recipient), Vakalis, Donna (Recipient), Vellei, Marika (Recipient) & Wei, Shen (Recipient)

Prize: Research, education and innovation prizes


Our paper titled "Quality criteria for multi-domain studies in the indoor environment: Critical review towards research guidelines and recommendations" has been selected to receive the 2022 annual best paper award from the journal Building and Environment (BAE). Our paper is selected after a very rigorous selection process by receiving high evaluations by reviewers, nominated by one of the editors, and finally recommended by the award selection committee.

In 2022, the Building and Environment journal received more than 5500 submissions and published around 20% of them. Our paper will be among the only four papers to receive the annual best paper award. These papers are awarded because of the following reasons: (1) the originality of approach, methods, or hypotheses; (2) contribution to the advancement of the field; (3) quality of the communication/presentation and clarity of the text and illustrations; (4) the soundness of the science.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsElsevier