3D Visual Data Mining -3DVDM-

  • Bukauskas, Linas (Project Participant)
  • Granum, Erik (Project Participant)
  • Nagel, Henrik Rojas (Project Participant)
  • Böhlen, Michael (Project Participant)
  • Mylov, Peer (Project Participant)

Project Details


Visual data mining provides methods for accessing, analyzing, and visualizing large amounts of data. The 3DVDM project combines expertise in databases, statistics, visualization, and perceptual psychology with facilities for immersive real-time interactive visualizations. The 3DVDM project develops new data analysis methods that exploit the human perceptual faculties in the search for unknown structures and relationship in large data sets. Database technology selects and provides the desired data subsets from the large database to be subjected to appropriate statistical processing. Using expertise from perceptual psychology, suitable processing methods from computer vision and scientific visualization are applied to create data structures amenable to visualization and adequate for visual perception. The 3DVDM project exploits the facilities of the VR Center Nord, a research and development center for virtual reality that encompasses a Cave, a Panorama, and an auditorium with a PowerWall. It is part of a center for research, development, and training in interactive multimedia that was established at Aalborg University in January 1998. The data analyst has various interface controls, which allow for real-time feedback to the system for controlling the current data selection, the statistical and visual processing, and the observer's position and orientation relative to the data visualized. The observer may explore the data by navigating around in it, may passively observe an evolving world, and may navigate in an evolving world. August 1999-February 2004 The 3DVDM project is interdisciplinary, with participants from the Department of Computer Science, the, Faculty of Humanities, and the Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University. The project is funded by the Danish Research Council. (M. Böhlen, L. Bukauskas, A. Mazeika; P. Mylov, Institut for Kommunikation, AAU; E. Granum, H. R. Nagel, Institut for Sundhedsteknologi, AAU)
Effective start/end date01/08/199930/07/2003