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Om 100 år. Hvad kan vi lære af coronakrisen?

Kjærulff, A., Ingerslev, K., Duedahl, P., Pedersen, L. T., Varberg, J., Koushede, V., Dahl, K. & Kjølby, M.

17/04/2020 → …

Project: Consultancy

Hybrid laser-arc welding of large steel structures in the wind turbine industry

Sørensen, C. B., Kristiansen, M., Hansen, P. K. & Helm-Petersen, J.


Project: Research

The Digitization of Everyday Life during the Covid-19 pandemic in Denmark

Munk, A. K., Andersen, A. O., Grundtvig, A., Voll, C. N., Jacobsen, E. B., Jessen, J. F., Birkbak, A., Madsen, A. K., Jensen, T. E. & Heuser, M. C.

Velux Fonden

01/04/2020 → …

Project: Research

COVID19-MITC Trial Nation - COVID-19 Multiplying Infectious Disease Trial Capacity

Nielsen, H., Østergaard, L., Johansen, I. S., Wiese, L., Benfield, T. & Gerstoft, J.

Innovation Fund Denmark, Region Nordjylland


Project: Research


Obel, C., Hansen, T. R., Thomsen, T. R., Mølgaard Thaysen, F., Dalsgaard, P., Bak Kirk, U. & Sigsgaard, T.

01/04/2020 → …

Project: Research

Remdisivir for Covid-19

Nielsen, H.

27/03/2020 → …

Project: Research

C19 Symptom Mapping

Boudreau, S., Bøggild, H., Duroux, M. & Holden, S.

26/03/2020 → …

Project: Research

Participant eligibility criteria used in Achilles tendinopathy (AT) research: protocol for a systematic review.

Lyng, K. D., Antflick, J., Norris, R., Plinsinga, M. L., Riel, H. & O’Neill, S.


Project: Research


Floating Ports

Thomsen, J. B.


Project: Research

CATALYST – Architecture as catalyst for social and socio-economic value creation

Sántha, E. S., Hvejsel, M. F., Jacobsen, J. B., Rasmussen, M. K. & Entwistle, J. M.

Innovation Fund Denmark


Project: Research