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Tongue control system

Struijk, L. N. S. A.

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Project: Research

Tomorrow’s high-efficiency electric car integrated with the power supply system

Ritchie, E., Schaltz, E., Pedersen, J. K., Rasmussen, P. O., Andreasen, S. J., Kær, S. K., Matzen, T. N., Andersen, T. O., Mathe, L., Pillai, J. R. & Barreras, J. V.


Project: Research

Vores Mål

Buhl, M.

27/11/2019 → …

Project: Consultancy

Vores Museum

Madsen, K. M., Krishnasamy, R., Selvadurai, V. & Jensen, J. F.


Project: Research

Voice-controlled car interaction

Sørensen, J. K. & Willerup, M.


Project: Research

VoLCS: Vocational Learning for Catering Staff

Hansen, M. W. & Kristensen, N. H.


Project: Research

Vocabularies of Gender and Citizenship in Europe

Siim, B.


Project: Research

TIME – Timing and Sound in Musical Microrhythm

Danielsen, A. & Dahl, S.


Project: Research

Timely technology

Veirum, N. E., Christensen, M. F., A/S, C. P., Jylland, F. & Gl. Estrup, L.

Region Midtjylland, Oplevelsesøkonomi


Project: Research

Time Development of Scour Around Offshore Monopiles

Hartvig, P. A., Frigaard, P. & Andersen, T. L.

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Project: Research

Time Development in Scour Holes

N, N., Ibsen, L. B., Frigaard, P., Ahle, K. & Petersen, J.



Project: Research


Jensen, C. S., Torp, K., Saltenis, S., Skyt, J., Tiesyte, D., Nascimento, M., Slivinskas, G. & Böhlen, M.

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01/01/2000 → …

Project: Research

TIME-A: TIME-A International Research Group

Gold, C., Gottfried, T. & Geretsegger, M.

01/11/2012 → …

Project: Research

Threshold eigenstates for atoms

Sørensen, T. Ø., Fournais, S., Hoffmann-Ostenhof, M. & Hoffmann-Ostenhof, T.

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Project: Research

Threshold behavior for Schrödinger equations

Jensen, A. & Ito, K.

19/05/2010 → …

Project: Research


Clausen, H. B., Andersson, V. & Nosch, M. L. B.


Project: Research

Those were the years

Jakobsen, T. A.

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19/05/2010 → …

Project: Research

Thinning spatial point processes into Poisson processes

Møller, J. & Schoenberg, R. P.


Project: Research

The window - an integrated light source

Hansen, E. K.


Project: Research

The Wave Energy Converter Wave Star

Meinert, P., Frigaard, P. & Kramer, M. B.

19/05/2010 → …

Project: Research

The War on Terror: Media, Archaeology, Social Memory

Lytje, M.


Project: Research

VS: The Virtual Savannah

Eskildsen, S., Rodil, K., Rehm, M., Solskov, S., Kruse Nielsen, R., Kaihøj Nielsen, E. & Alejandro Collado Locubiche, D.

01/02/2010 → …

Project: Research

The Veil as Sign in a Globalized World

Degn, I., Søholm, K. & Bubandt, N.

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19/05/2010 → …

Project: Research

The USE project (2005-08)

Stage, J., Skov, M. B., Howard, S., Als, B. S., Høegh, R. T. H. & Jensen, J. J.

Danish Research Agency


Project: Research

The Ultra Wide-Band (UWB) Radio Propagation Channel

Eggers, P. C. F., Kovács, I., Olesen, K., Pedersen, G. F. & Wang, Y.

16/09/2002 → …

Project: Research

The TramMate Project (2002-03)

Kjeldskov, J., Graham, C., Howard, S., Vetere, F., Caroll, J., Murphy, J., Paay, J., Pedell, S. & Melbourne, N. P.

The Faculty of Technology and Science, University of Melbourne


Project: Research

The Top-level Research Initiative

Bak-Jensen, B., Chen, P. & Knudsen, T.


Project: Research

The structure of ash from combustion of domestic waste.

Pedersen, J. H. & Stoltze, P.


Project: Research

The Staging of Virtual 3D-Spaces (1998-01)

Skov, M. B., Stage, J., Kjeldskov, J., Andersen, P. B. & Interact, D. S.

The Danish Research Ministry


Project: Research

The Software Corridor

Skou, A., Hansen, J. A., Jessen, J. J., Andersen, P. & Balstrup, B.

Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority


Project: Research