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Böhlen, M., Bolzano, F. U. O., Automatizalasi Kutatointezet, M. S. E., Limerick, U. O., Sheffield, U. O., Hospital, B., Adige, C. D. C., Kommune, H., Genoa, P. O., Pisa, P. O., - Society of Information Technology Management, S., Regional Authority, S. W., City Council, T., (SME), C. & Belgium, I.

European Union Sixth Framework Programme


Project: Research

Vindkraftens indflydelse på Spot-prisen

Enevoldsen, S. W., Morthorst, P. E., Moesgaard, R. & Østergaard, P. A.

<ingen navn>


Project: Research

Determination of frequency selectivity across frequency and comparison with earlier work

Orellana, C. A. J., Pedersen, C. S., Møller, H. & Moore, B.

<ingen navn>


Project: Research

Bæredygtighed i elevernes nærmiljø. Mobil læring i folkeskolen.

Georgsen, M., Konnerup, U. & Klesner, J.

Skolen for Fremtiden


Project: Research

Fremtidens turisterhverv

Halkier, H., Jensen, S. & Hovman, C.


Project: Research

MTF: Oprettelse af Master i Terapeutisk ProcesFacilitering

Pedersen, I. N. & Willert, S.


Project: Research

Collaborative research project on MOOCs - E-asem

Buhl, M., Andreasen, L. B., Lee, T., Wang, Y., Abdol Latif, L., Fadzil, M., Nordin, N., Jaafar, A., Nasongkhla, J., Thammetar, T., Gervacio, J. L., Phuspanadham, K., Yamada, T., Jaurena, I. G., Birzinna, R., Stracke, C., Pawlowski, J., Kovacova, J. & Pistovcakova, A.


Project: Research

ALL: Artist-Led Learning in Higher Education

Chemi, T., Firing, K., Owens, A., Passila, A., Thorkelsdottir, R., Neilson, A. & De Molli, F.


Project: Research

Juridiske rammer for forskeres anvendelse af sundhedsdata

Bønsing, S., Kristensen, K., Nielsen, J. U. O., Næsborg-Andersen, A., Østergaard, K., Madsen, H. B., Adolphsen, C. & Faber, B. A.


Project: Research

Religion and Modern Culture: Rediscovering Enlightenment Thinking in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Cristoffanini, P. R. & Casado Jesen, J. H.

01/05/2017 → …

Project: Research

Research project on translation technology: humans, applications and languages

Bundgaard, K., Christensen, T. P., Schjoldager, A. & Dam Jensen, H.

01/05/2018 → …

Project: Research

SOEC2: Solid Oxide Electrolysis for Grid Balancing

Skov, I. R., Mathiesen, B. V. & Connolly, D.


Project: Research

Ecodesign and Future Product Policy – Further research on energy-related Products

Remmen, A., Bundgaard, A. M., Huulgaard, R. D., Zacho, K. O., Dalhammar, C., Andrius Plepys, A. & Machacek, E.


Project: Research

Carbohydrate signalling during plant root microbiota establishment

Radutoiu, E. S. & Dueholm, M. S.


Project: Research

UrbanMine: Institutionalisation processes in times of circular green transitions

Brøns Kringelum, L., Annelin Seppola, A., Skorstad, B., Nogueira, L., Dale , B., Gjertsen, A., Dælin, E., Eidem, P. A. & Wallsten, B.


Project: Research

NOCE: Network COding Evolved

Heide, J., Pedersen, M. V., Vingelmann, P. & Fitzek, F.


Project: Research

Optimal Hospital Layout design

Holst, M. K., Kirkegaard, P. H. & Christoffersen, L. D.


Project: Research


LOMA: Local Food strategies for children and youth in public institutions (Ph.d.-project)

Ruge, D. & Mikkelsen, B. E.


Project: Research


Entreprenørskab i uddannelsessystemet

Nielsen, K. & Larsen, M. V.


Project: Research

Body Language in the Moving Image

Dindler, C.


Project: Research

Cobra II: COmmercial BReak-through of Advanced Fuel Cells II

Kær, S. K., Andreasen, S. J. & Araya, S. S.



Project: Research

ORACLE - Outdoor Reliable Application using CLean Energy

Andreasen, S. J.



Project: Research

MYFISH: Maximising yield of fisheries while balancing ecosystem, economic and social concerns

Hegland, T. J., Hadjimichael, M. & Wilson, D. C.


Project: Research

Robust Closed Loop Control of Industrial Motor Drives

Rasmussen, H., Vadstrup, P. & Børsting, H.

Grundfos A/S


Project: Research

The effect of exercise therapy and custom-made orthosis on patients with pain conditions and exaggerated pronation of the foot

Lundbye-Christensen, S., Andreasen, J., Christensen, M., Voigt, M., Simonsen, O. & Mølgaard, C.

<ingen navn>


Project: Research

Velfærdsindsatsers effekt i epidemiologisk belysning

Ejrnæs, M. & Lynge, E.

<ingen navn>


Project: Research

Mathematical Physics and Partial Differential Equations

Jensen, A., Johnsen, J., Cornean, H., Sørensen, T. Ø., Grubb, G., Solovej, J. P., Skibsted, E., Durhuus, B., Boss-Bavnbek, B. & Møller, J. S.

Independent Research Fund Denmark | Natural sciences


Project: Research

Advanced Radio Resource Management in UTRAN LTE

Calabrese, F. D., Monghal, G. D., Zheng, N., Capozzi, F., Ferrández, M. N., Rosa, C., Pedersen, K. I. & E. Mogensen, P.

<ingen navn>

19/05/2010 → …

Project: Research

Den digitale sandkasse

Strand, A. M. C., Vistisen, P. & Rosenstand, C. A. F.


Project: Research


Gregersen, S., Boffa, V., Roslev, P. & Jørgensen, M. K.


Project: Research

New Computational Tool for Offshore Separation Train Optimization

Maschietti, M. & Imrényi, G.


Project: Research

Børn og symfonisk musik.

Bonde, L. O.

<ingen navn>


Project: Research