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Biokemiske markører

Christensen, P. A. & Handberg, A.

01/01/2016 → …

Project: Research

Innovation and Networking for Fatigue and Reliability Analysis of Structures – Training for Assessment of Risk

Mankar, A., Rastayesh, S., Velarde, J., Wang, X., Long, L., Zorzi, G., Chakraborty, J., Sawicki, B., Bayane, I., Ahmadivala, M., Bassil, A. & Nesterova, M.


Project: Research

Playful programming

Ejsing-Duun, S. & Brink Allsopp, B.

01/11/2015 → …

Project: Research

Playful Retailing

Dollerup, S.

14/10/2015 → …

Project: Research

WILLOW: WIreLess LOWband communications:massive and ultra-reliable access

Popovski, P., Nielsen, J. J., Trillingsgaard, K. F. & Kiilerich Pratas, N.


Project: Research

Measuring Real-Time User Experiences

Bruun, A. R. & Law, E. L.

01/10/2015 → …

Project: Research

CEAGAR: Center for Applied Game Research

Fog, H. S., Reng, L., Hanghøj, T. & Drachen, A.

23/09/2015 → …

Project: Other

Street photography and the everyday

Olsen, J. B.

21/09/2015 → …

Project: Research

Big Bacteria

Jørgensen, J. L.

01/09/2015 → …

Project: Research


Glintborg, C. & Hansen, T. G. B.

01/09/2015 → …

Project: Research

The Possible Worlds of Stores

Dollerup, S. & Jantzen, C.

05/08/2015 → …

Project: Research

Program for læringsledelse - dagtilbud

Hansen, O., Ringsmose, C., Hansen, L. S., Hansen, O. H. & Falkesgaard, C. B.


Project: Research

Nordisk Didaktik

Lund, B., Jensen, J. B. & Jensen, A. A.

01/06/2015 → …

Project: Other

Trap Danmark

Lolle, E. L. & Rasmussen, A.


Project: Research

Dimensions of Implicit Theory of Mind in Toddlerhood

Nilsson, K. K., Landorph, S., de López, K. M. J. & Skovgaard, A. M.

17/02/2015 → …

Project: Research

PBL og Hybride Læringsrum

Davidsen, J. & Ryberg, T.

01/02/2015 → …

Project: Research

Free/Unfree Labour

Heinsen, J., Søby, E. L., de Vito, C., Schiel, J. & Bischoff, J.

31/01/2015 → …

Project: Research

Anvendt biokemi

Christensen, P. A.

01/01/2015 → …

Project: Research

MoCreation: MoCreation

Brooks, A. L. & Brooks, E.

29/10/2014 → …

Project: Research


Pedersen, J. M.

28/10/2014 → …

Project: Research

IMTAC: International Music Therapy Assessment Consortium

Jacobsen, S. L., Storm, S., Magee, W., O'Kelly, J., Carpente, J., Thomas, D., Ala-Ruona, E. & Wosch, T.

01/10/2014 → …

Project: Research

Global Mobility Flows

Andersson, V. & Clausen, H. B.

01/09/2014 → …

Project: Research

RehApps: Rehab apps for cognitive disabilities

Knoche, H. & Hald, K.


Project: Research

CJLP: Corpus of Judas Priest Lyrics

Jensen, K. E. & Shibuya, Y.

28/07/2014 → …

Project: Research

“Context Aware M-health for E-inclusive Living”

Brooks, A. L., Brooks, E. & Le Guillou, P.

01/06/2014 → …

Project: Research