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Cardiac Resynchronization

Graff, C.

01/03/2016 → …

Project: Research

Entrepreneurship Education in Schools: Skipper Clement School International Department, Aalborg

Knudsen, J. D., Mersholm, M., Rohd-Thomsen, J., Tribler, N. & Turcan, R.

29/06/2011 → …

Project: Other


ICCI: Images of Conflict, Conflicting Images

Blaagaard, B., Mortensen, M., Neumayer, C., Liu, J. & Gade, S.

01/01/2017 → …

Project: Research

Intimacy, social media and youth

Larsen, M. C. & Kofoed, J.

01/01/2013 → …

Project: Research


Glintborg, C. & Hansen, T. G. B.

01/09/2015 → …

Project: Research


Kjær, M. & Bager, A. S.

30/04/2017 → …

Project: Research

Utzon(x) Research-by-design

Andersson, L., Worre Foged, I., Kirkegaard, P. H., Jensen, M. B., Parigi, D., Bosia, D. & Juel Thiis, L.

Det Obelske Familiefond

01/01/2013 → …

Project: Research

SDC research project: Sino-Danish Center Research Project: Value Chain Innovation

Wæhrens, B. V., Slepniov, D., Johansen, J., Søberg, P. V., Cheng, Y., Vang, J., Madsen, E. S., Adeyemi, O. A., DU, J., Wu, X., Wu, D. & Schulzmann, D.

10/03/2011 → …

Project: Research


Olsen, J. B. & Graven, V.

01/09/2016 → …

Project: Research

Business Creativity

Byrge, C.

01/04/2013 → …

Project: Research

Art and Urbanism. Public Art and Technology

Marie Bruun Jespersen, L. & Pedersen, S. B.

01/09/2012 → …

Project: Research

Cancer stem cells

Duroux, M., Pilgaard, L. & Zachar, V.

01/01/2011 → …

Project: Research

Berlins modernitet før og nu

Schlosser, J. T.

15/06/2012 → …

Project: Research

Big Bacteria

Jørgensen, J. L.

01/09/2015 → …

Project: Research