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Improving survey quality

Clement, S. L. & Lolle, H. L.


Project: Research

Geminoid | DK

Østergaard, M. P., Knudsen, S. H., Schärfe, H. & Vlachos, E.

IT-vest, Det Obelske Familiefond

01/06/2010 → …

Project: Research

WILLOW: WIreLess LOWband communications:massive and ultra-reliable access

Popovski, P., Nielsen, J. J., Trillingsgaard, K. F. & Kiilerich Pratas, N.


Project: Research

CoSPE: Computer vision based Scene Parameter Estimation

Madsen, C. B., Andersen, H. J., Granum, E. & Nielsen, M.

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Project: Research

Global Production Networks

Riis, J. O. N., Wæhrens, B. V., Johansen, J., Slepniov, D. & Søberg, P. V.

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Project: Research

SDC research project: Sino-Danish Center Research Project: Value Chain Innovation

Wæhrens, B. V., Slepniov, D., Johansen, J., Søberg, P. V., Cheng, Y., Vang, J., Madsen, E. S., Adeyemi, O. A., DU, J., Wu, X., Wu, D. & Schulzmann, D.

10/03/2011 → …

Project: Research

Marine Analytics using Computer Vision

Pedersen, M.


Project: Research

VDR: Virtual Dressing Room

Brooks, E., Holte, M. B., Brooks, A. L., Valente, A., Gao, Y. & Christiansen, L. G.


Project: Research

Automatic Analysis of people in Sport Facilities

Moeslund, T. B., Gade, R. & Jørgensen, A.


Project: Research

Education Access Under the Reign of Testing and Inclusion

Ydesen, C., Ruan, Y., Aderet-German, T., Gomez Caride, E. & Enemark, N. R.


Project: Research