A project to collect together research based methods of microanalysis and publish them in a book in the ‘methods’ series (Wigram et al). Microanalysis in music therapy: Methods, Techniques and Applications in Music Therapy for Music Therapy Clinicians, Educators and Students

  • Wigram, Tony (Project Participant)
  • Wosch, T. (Project Participant)

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The book will focus on the methods of micro process analyses within a number of different contexts, clinical and research. We want this book to include both method and examples of application, and we want the chapters to be homogenous in style and content so that it will be a useful text for clinicians, educators and students. The working definition for micro process analysis is: “Micro process analysis is a detailed method investigating micro processes. Micro processes are processes and changes / progressions within in maximum one session of music therapy. The amount of time can also be 1 minute or 5 minutes of one session, one improvisation, or one complete session.” This book is intended as a tutor or handbook for music therapy: The methods of analysis need to be described in a clear and procedural way in order that they can be applied in every day clinical practice. The book is intended as a functional text book for clinical practitioners. B) The methods of analysis can also be utilised functionally in applied research. Material from clinical practice can be effectively analysed and relevant and reliable information obtained. C) The methods can be used in music therapy education in preparing theses AND for use in regular seminars, to train students to be aware of very detailed processes of improvisation and relationship with clients. Students can become competent in the use of these methods on a very conscious and systematic level.
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