A Study of the Constraints and Enablers of Enhanced Danish Tourist Engagement in Community Based Tourism in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Khongmueang, Sasiwimon (Other)
  • Hervik, Peter (Project Manager)

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    Most Danish tourists who travel to Thailand do not care much about understanding ‘local ways of living.’ For backpackers questions about local contemporary ways may be secondary to the participation in taste-cultures such as Facebook and similar sites, where they are in touch with friends and other travelers. While backpackers are more interested in peer relations, local residents and the community actors would like these tourists to care more about ‘their culture’ and ways of living. As social scientists we know little about this apparent knowledge gap and (re)production of local cultures, values, and practices, which if overcome could potentially benefit both tourists and local community based tourism.
    A comprehensive literary search for information about Danish tourists, their knowledge, attitudes, and affect, and particularly towards Thailand, reveals a huge gap. It seems as if Danish tourists as an object of study is of little commercial or research interest, perhaps since there is not so much to be gained in economic terms from people travelling away from Denmark to spend their money at foreign destinations.
    The overall objectives of this PhD project is to examine these gaps closely in order to enhance Danish tourist engagement in community based tourism (CBT) in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand and to do it in such a way CBT can not only address the gap and meet the needs, but also add value to the encounters so that knowledge and attitudes can change into a less Eurocentric but reciprocal and sound relationship.
    This research project will pursue the idea of creating or introducing CBT activities with a distinct Non-Eurocentric dimension that may challenge the Euro-centric bias with the notion of respect of others, generosity, the art of listening to body and language to read emotions and act accordingly. At the micro-level in interactions with Thai and Danes, who then will not be approached as categorical identities as tourists. Ideally Danish visitors will transform their negative image and attitude towards Thai culture and Thai people.
    Effective start/end date01/01/201230/08/2013


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