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Banegårdspladsen in Aarhus is a prominent and intense urban space and a traffic machine. It is a place of arrivals and departures, of interurban flows, of a variety of urban lives, of multiple urban functions, of consumption and civic life, of history and contemporary cultural expressions. What will it be in the future?

13 urban design students from Aalborg University have explored critical-creative
urban design responses to the challenges and potentials connected to urban
mobilities of this place.

The students are: Jiaxin Liang, George Langridge Gould, Harshita Vishway, Agni Gregoriou, Sofie Rejkjær Bülow, Julie Kikkenborg Viig, Simon Winther Jensen, Venkate Lalita Apoorva Jayanti, Thea Dahl Christensen, Sofie Degn Jensen, Adi Dukic, Sine Bjreg Ernshof, and Melike Gultekin.

They have immersed themselves in site analysing, talking, sketching, field
working, intreviewing, reading, model building, more sketching, writing, and
visualizing the potentials, barriers and conditions of this site.

The result is three urban mobilities design scenario for the square in a +10 year

The project is a C-MUS PRAKSIS LIVING LAB learning and development collaboration between the City of Aarhus and MA2 Urban Design, AAU.

Key findings

- Exhibition Aarhus City Hall 24-28.06.19: Welcome to Aarhus H +10y; poster available for download.
- Three design scenarios for the future of the stations square in Aarhus; student reports available for download.
- Site and urban mobile life analysis (Bylivsindex); report available for download.
- Danish Pixi booklet with results for 'Konference om Mobilitet og Byudvikling' organized by the City of Aarhus, 31 Oct 2019:
Effective start/end date01/02/201928/06/2019

Collaborative partners

  • Aarhus Kommune