Advanced Modelling and Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbines with induction machines

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The main issue of this industial Ph.D study is to research the wind turbines behaviour during abnormal conditions like e.g. short circuits and asymmetric grid. The purpose is the validatation of existing component, design, specification of the load on the turbine due to grid failures and documentation of the behaviour. Special attention is given to the generator modellation, which detemine the accurancy of the wind turbine model. The study includes the development of different wind turbine models in Matlab/ Simulink, which describe the different Vestas Wind turbine systems. Detailed measurements on test bench and turbines are used for validating the models. The project plays an important role in the design of new wind turbine components and integration of the turbines into the grid as well as wind turbine behaviour due to new grid connection demands. (Sigrid Bolik) The project is sponsered by the Danish Academy of Technical Science in the Industrial PhD programme (Sigrid Bolik, Vestas Wind Systems, Frede Blaabjerg (AAU), Torben W. Møller (Vestas), Poul E. Sørensen (Risø))
Effective start/end date19/05/2010 → …