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In recent, due to the increasing application of renewable energy generations, active loads, FACTS and HVDC, it is expected that the Danish power system is in a transition towards a power system with very high level (even 100%) of power electronics (PE) integration. On the other hand, the Danish government has decided that a large part of the Danish power transmission system should be transformed into underground cables (UC). Such two transitions of the Danish power system will provide very different short-circuit power during faults in comparison with a conventional overhead-line-based and synchronous generators dominated power system which make the future Danish power system a unique case that has not been well studied before.

Therefore, this project is to comprehensively investigate the protection performance of the future Danish power system towards 100% PE based and UC dominated, and develop novel planning and operation methods.

Collaborators: SINTEF, DIgSIENT.
Funding: ForskEL and the Department of Energy Technology.
Effective start/end date01/02/201831/01/2022


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