Advanced spectroscopic and STM studies of surface structures and reactions

  • Onsgaard, Jens, (Project Participant)

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    Design of mixed-metal compounds for industrial applications in areas of catalysis, microelectronics and materials science is based on an understanding of the bimetallic bond. The electronic and geometrical structures of metal-metal alloy systems on the nanoscale and their chemical properties, including catalytic reactions, are studied. The methods are based on STM, photoelectron specteoscopy, low-energy electron diffraction and thermally stimulated desorption. Present main activities are: Bimetallic films of a noble metal and palladium on a Ruthenium substrate. Reactions between small mokecules, H, CO, CO2, CH3OH, and alkali-modified copper surfaces. Solid states wetting are used to measure interfacial energy and interfacial composition of the Al - Pb interface
    Effective start/end date19/05/2010 → …