AGORA: Philosophical Dialogue as a Creative Source in Post Modern World

  • Jensen de López, Kristine M. (Project Manager)
  • Camhy, Daniela (Project Manager)
  • Albert, Dietrich (Project Participant)
  • Jervel, Sanna (Project Manager)
  • Murray, Micheal (Project Manager)

Project Details


In philsosophical dialogue children learn to use thoughts and arguments in a well reflected way to discover various possibilities and alternatives, to put questions, to recognize different points of view, to practive logical thinking. The trans-national research in AGORA will examine from different angles the processes and conditions of creativity involved in philosophical inquiry in different circumstances e.g. traditional and computer settings. We expect the results to be relevant for fields of education to creat communities of inquiry across Europe
Effective start/end date01/02/201001/02/2013


  • HERA Humanities in the European Research Area JRP Outline Proposal


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