AlliHop - Awaking Local Languages in Interaction

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Design Enabled Innovation in Urban Environments H2020-SC6-CO-CREATION-2016-3 Project number: 763784 -

AlliHop aims at bridging the gap that separates the individual and her social context when learning a local language. The name of the project is an acronym of its rationale ([A]wakening [L]ocal [L]anguage in [I]nteraction ) and its means ( to hop over ). AlliHop begins with a recognition that current methods of language acquisition largely rely on a rather solitary intellectual effort on the part of the learner. Whether it is classes in a certified school or public center or language apps in a mobile phone, the learner is isolated from the broad cultural and social context where the local language exists. The local language is supposed to be assimilated through a ritualized solo performance that heavily relies on independent study and memorization. A gap arises separating the learner and her nascent linguistic abilities from the local spaces and practices where language is alive. This gap is most experienced by urban dwellers that have no access to local learning resources, like immigrants, students or short-term visitors. At the same time, local citizens might perceive these populations as unconcerned with becoming involved with the local social environment.

We carried two design workshops and with the help of our workshop participants we were able to design an interaction design concept to shift into the urban environment some of the cognitive load that learning a new language demands. We produced an interaction design concept for regulating queues in any establishment (such as a bakery, a bus station or a post office) not with numbers but with words and stories from local writers. It provides those waiting in line with an opportunity to get entangled with the local language in the wild and to interact with each other while doing so.
Effective start/end date01/01/201901/06/2019