Analysis of fertility in Stepfamilies in Denmark and France

  • Knudsen, Lisbeth B. (Project Participant)
  • Toulemon, Laurent (Project Participant)

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Based on large data sets, we compare stepfamilies' fertility in Denmark and France related to which partner brought the stepchildren, being co-resident or not, interactions with shared children, and non-monotonous variations with the number of previous stepchildren, assuming that the main results should be similar in the two countries. Stepfamilies are increasing in both countries, but are most common in Denmark. Almost all co-resident stepfamilies involve a stepfather.
For Denmark, the data are retrieved from national population-based registers, including information on 1.3 million women of fertile age as of 1994, their family composition and the number of own as well as stepchildren living in the household. For France, the analysis is based on a one-percent survey on family histories, which was part of the French 1999 census (380,000 respondents, men as well as women). The forms included questions about own children, and also on stepchildren.
Effective start/end date01/07/200701/07/2007


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