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Analyseredskab til konkretisering af kompetencebehov – was financed by the Danish Ministeriet for Videnskab, Teknologi og Udvikling 2004 -2006.

Key findings

Identifying Learning Objectives in Continuing Education. / Nørgaard, Bente; Fink, Flemming Kobberøe. Proceedings of the10th IACEE World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education. red. Mevyn Jones; Andreas Krieger; Franz Reichl; Andreas Steiner. Vienna University of Technology, 2006.

Dialogue Process in Specifying Competence Needs in Continuing Education. Nørgaard, Bente; Fink, Flemming K. 5th European Forum: State-of-the-Art - Continuing Engineering Education (CEE) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - Challenging the Future. 2007

Defining and Specifying Competence Needs in Tailor-Made Continuing Education. Nørgaard, Bente. European Continuing Engineering Educatin: Conceptualizing the Lessons Learned. red. Pia Lappalainen. Finland : SEFI: European Association for Engineering Education, 2009. s. 151-161
Short titleKOKO
Effective start/end date31/08/200401/09/2006