Analysis of Growth Limits

  • Knudsen, Thomas P. (Project Participant)
  • Madsen, Ole Brun (Project Participant)

Project Details


• Determine long term requirements for network connections.
• Set objective milestones and end goals for ICT infrastructure development.
• Determine limitations and weaknesses to allow contingencies in planning and implementa-tion.
• Model long term ICT infrastructure development.
• Give guidelines for ICT infrastructure capabilities for use in other disciplines and decision making.
• Give guidelines for further education.
• Evaluate complexity management issues.
• Analysis of generic user requirements.
• Development of scenario models for long-term network goals.
• Evaluation of network structures and implementation plans based on planning goals.
• Interdisciplinary information gathering.
• Surveys of key industries.
Effective start/end date19/05/201018/05/2013


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    • CNP / Center for Network Planning

      Madsen, O. B., Jensen, M., Riaz, T., Pedersen, J. M., Knudsen, T. P., Nielsen, R. H., Fjermestad, F., Jacobsen, J., Rasmussen, J., Thomsen, O. K., Andersen, J. R. & Sørensen, J. H.

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