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Migrants tend to cluster in areas, which often makes politicians concerned with social cohesion. In continuation hereof, the GHET-IN project asks the following three research question, which are largely unanswered by the scientific literature:
1) How does FLOWS of various migrant groups influence “ghetto formation” and what explains them?
2) How and through which mechanisms does living in a “ghetto” have CONSEQUENCES for the human capital accumulation of migrants? Here, we particularly focus on mechanisms related to network quality and collective efficacy.
3) To which extent can POLICIES IMPACT on “ghetto flows” (in and out flows)?Here we particularly focus on policies, which create disincentives for living in a "ghetto".
Short titleGHET-IN
Effective start/end date01/02/202031/12/2025


  • Independent Research Fund Denmark | Social Sciences: DKK5,861,874.00


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