Artist 2, Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design

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The strategic objective of the ARTIST2 Network of Excellence is tostrengthen European research in Embedded Systems Design, and promote theemergence of this new multi-disciplinary area. We gather together thebest European teams from the composing disciplines, and will work toforge a scientific community. Integration will be achieved around aJoint Programme of Activities, aiming to create critical mass from theselected European teams. The ARTIST2 Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design willimplement an international and interdisciplinary fusion of effort tocreate a unique European virtual centre of excellence on EmbeddedSystems Design. This interdisciplinary effort in research is mandatoryto establish Embedded Systems Design as a discipline, combiningcompetencies from electrical engineering, computer science, appliedmathematics, and control theory. The ambition is to compete on the samelevel as equivalent centres in the USA (Berkeley, Stanford, MIT,Carnegie Mellon), for both the production and transfer of knowledge andcompetencies, and for the impact on industrial innovation. The network has 34 partners, and the work is divided into 7 clusters ofwhich AAU is coordinator of the cluster on Testing and Verification. Funding:EU IST FP6, contract no IST-004527 for a 4-year period startingSeptember 2004. A major part of the budget is reserved fordisseimination and international collaboration. AAU's local budget isapproximately 100.000 Euro.
Effective start/end date01/08/200431/07/2008


  • EU IST FP6: DKK180,000.00


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