Assistive Robotic Disassembly System for Recycling

Project Details


ChARmER’s vision is that assistive human-robot collaboration can enable realization of profitable disassembly processes supporting the creation of business from end-of-life (EOL) products. chARmER will accomplish this ambitious vision by setting up a more sustainable manufacturing factories, reducing the environmental impact and improving the work conditions for companies like the chARmER’s partners Ecointegra who is a pioneer in waste management, and Grundfos who presently receives more than 50.000 pumps back a year as part of a strategic Circular Economy program started in 2011.

Furthermore, it is the vision of chARmER, through assistive human-robot collaboration, to provide people with reduced working capabilities means to improve working conditions and gain productivity, giving them an improved ability to find a meaning full work and a place on the labour market. This vision is supported by the chARmER partners Ecointegra and Grundfos which both have a strategy of hiring people with reduced working capabilities promoting social equity.
Effective start/end date01/02/202001/02/2023


  • robotic disassembly
  • Circular Economy