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AT-ONE is a practitioner-based method for service-design, aimed to maximize the innovation potential at the early stages of service innovation. It was developed from research into innovation methods and from commercial experience in designing services. The method is scalable and works for short projects and major transformations. The AT-ONE project aims to further develop the AT-ONE method and create a centre of competence within the area of service design in Norway.

The AT-ONE KMB project combines academic and commercial resources to iteratively refine and develop the AT-ONE method. On the research and education side, AHO, BI, KHiO, DIEC (UK), University of Aalborg (D), LIVEWORK (UK) and SINTEF will work together to develop the method and use it in teaching. The Norwegian Design Council will use the project to develop a service design initiative, and the industrial partners Norsk Tipping and Gjensidige will evaluate the method in respect to incorporation into their innovation processes.

Main focus for AAU: Tools for assisting synthesis and evaluation of service design concepts, based on ideas developed in AT-ONE workshops.

The contribution from A&D will therefore relate to all 5 aspects of the AT-ONE method on a methodological level in relation to concept documentation, development and assessment.

The goal is to build and test a methodological framework for synthesising ideas from the 5 aspects of AT-ONE into broader and consistent concepts, evaluated by clearly formulated success criteria derived in collaboration with stakeholders.

Effective start/end date01/01/200831/12/2010


  • Norwegian Research Council: DKK340,000.00


  • Service design
  • concept development


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