ATOMOS-IV - Advanced Technology to Optimize Maritime Operational Safety - Intelligent Vessel

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The primary objective of the ATOMOS IV project is to bring the benefits of advanced computer and control technology to the European Fleet in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible. Since the Fleet is not being actively renewed introduction through new building is slow. However, whilst most ship equipment has a long operational life, control systems based on computers become outdated within a few years of installation. If a reliable process for replacing this technology with new systems is made available the effectiveness and safety of a vessel could be enhanced several times during its operational life.

The development of a methodology for retrofit of the European Fleet is the primary goal of ATOMOS IV. Achieving retrofit of modern control systems to existing ships will provide the following benefits:
Improved safety of operation;
Introduction of more human-centred and usable systems;
Access to information;
Faster and more reliable operation.

In addition, through a full-scale demonstration retrofit and sea trials, the project will apply and validate processes and tools related to the successful implementation of control system retrofit:

Human-centred development process for ship control centres and interfaces;
Risk-based development applying safety assessment techniques;
Principles-based assessment for programmable systems;
Preparatory and refresher training using computer-based training tools.
Effective start/end date31/12/200231/12/2002


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