Sustainable synergies. Facilitated industriel symbiosis for energy- and ressource efficiency

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The project develops a novel approach to the generation industrial symbiosis. It is developing and testing a systemic approach to identification of industrial symbioses based on a macro-mapping of resource flows that includes a generic assessment of environmental potentials of reducing each type of flow. Based on this approach companies are matched and supported in developing green business models. The geographical scope of the project is the eastern part of the city of Aalborg.
The project is financed by the EU Regional Development Funds in the programme "Energy and Resource Effecient
Effective start/end date01/01/201830/06/2020

Collaborative partners

  • Port of Aalborg A/S
  • House of Energy


  • Industrial symbiosis
  • Sustainability
  • Green Business models
  • Ports
  • Energy and ressource efficiency


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