Bacterial Source Tracking in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

  • Roslev, Peter (Project Participant)
  • Olesen, Søren Bastholm (Project Participant)

Project Details


Microorganisms with a fecal origin (enteric microorganisms) are occasionally detected as contaminants in Danish drinking water. These fecal pollution cases often have one thing in common: the source of the fecal contaminants is rarely identified or only identified circumstantially weeks after the outbreak has ceased. This is unfortunate because numerous people, businesses, and institutions are often affected during such events. The aim of the project is to develop relatively rapid microbiological methods suitable for characterization of fecal contaminants in drinking water. For example, information about whether a fecal pollution is likely of human (sewage) or animal origin would be important from a health perspective, and may simplify efforts to rapidly locate the pollution source. The research will include an evaluation of potential target organisms and different fingerprinting techniques in order to develop methods capable of discriminating among different types of fecal contamination.
Effective start/end date01/02/200431/07/2008