Development af quality in the country of Ringkøbing

  • Nielsen, Dorthe Kildedal (Project Participant)
  • Kildedal, Karin (Project Participant)

Project Details


On the basis of an action research perspective, the project focuses on practitioner research in particular. The projekt concerns the establishment of a network of practice researchers in the county of Ringkøbing. The intention is twofold: 1) to train practioners in the application of scientific methods in order to enable them to do qualified research into their own social work practice, 2) to support and enable the mediation and implementation of project experiences and knowledge to the local authorities (municipalities) concerned. The goal is to explore the degree to which this kind of practioner research network can enhance and strengthen the development of quality in social work across an entire county. 
Effective start/end date02/04/200130/09/2005