BENOGO Project

  • Arnspang, Jens, (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    Aalborg University Esbjerg, dep. of Software and media technology, is partner in BENOGO, a recently funded project under the European Community's Future and Emerging Technologies 'Presence' initiative. The BENOGO consortium comprises 6 academic institutions from Europe and Israel with expertise in virtual reality, photo-realistic panoramic image acquisition and rendering, the psycho physics of visual sensing and spatial perception, and the human aspects of new technologies. This project brings together a mixture of novel technologies that will enable real-time visualization for an observer of recorded real places. The aim of the research is to develop new tools for empirical and theoretical studies of presence based on the concept of the observer's embodiment in the computationally created virtual environment. Furthermore, as real places (possibly known to the observer) with man-made and/or organic objects (like trees, foliage etc.) are otherwise hard to represent in a virtual environment, the objective is to bring about new insight into presence through comparison with the sense of presence experienced in the real world. (Jens Arnspang, Rune Andersen, Kirstin Lyon, Volker Krüeger, Tony Brooks, Michel Guglielmi, Erling Tind, Henrik Bennetsen and Ulla Høeberg Hansen)
    Effective start/end date01/10/200330/09/2005