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In our grand project, we use the term BIG VIDEO to suggest an alternative to the hype about quantitative big data analytics. Basically, we are developing an enhanced infrastructure for qualitative video analysis with innovation in four key areas including capture, storage, archiving and access of digital video; visualisation, transformation and presentation; collaboration and sharing, eg. CAVA360VR and DOTE; and qualitative tools to support analysis, eg. AVA360VR and SQUIVE. BIG VIDEO involves dealing with complex human data capture scenarios, large databases and distributed storage, computationally intensive virtualisation and visualisation of concurrent data streams, distributed collaboration and necessarily a new big video data ethics.
Short titleBig Video
Effective start/end date01/09/2016 → …


  • Big Video
  • Video ethnography
  • Scenography
  • Virtual Reality
  • 360-degree video
  • Ambisonic audio
  • Spatial audio
  • AVA360VR
  • CAVA360VR
  • Immersive Qualitative Analytics
  • Immersive Humanities


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