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The Danish Biocat Roslev Project 1 (“The project”) encompasses key preparatory work required for the development of the first commercial scale bio-methanation system worldwide. Upon successful completion of Project 1, it is planned to install the system on the site of a modern anaerobic digester and biogas upgrading/grid injection facility near Roslev, Denmark, North of Skive in Jutland (Project 2, currently out of scope). The future system is planned to include a 8MWel Electrolyser linked to a biomethanation system with a capacity of 400Nm3/h CO2 conversion. The biogas plant and upgrading facility and its commercially successful operation is owned and operated successfully by Jens Christiansen (“Rybbjerggaard”), a partner in the project. The biomethanation system will be advanced from TRL 6 to TRL 8 through design and execution and fully integrated P2G system into the host facility with the capability of continuous operation.

Project 1 includes the following tasks:
- WP2: Evaluate and frame the regulatory environment in the Danish gas and electricity markets to create an environment that makes an economic operation of power-to-gas (P2G) plants possible.
- WP6: Analyse the market, develop a market model and strategy for Danish P2G installations
- WP3.1 and parts of WP 3.2: Carry out the necessary work to define the basic block diagram layout for the project, the definition of battery limits and the scope of work as well as to define a high-level process flow diagram and systems specification sheet. Also, investigate the heat integration system.

[Please note that for simplicity reasons, the project team has maintained the same work package numeration as used in the original proposal]

Task leader on WP2.5., WP6.3 and WP6.5.
Effective start/end date26/09/201830/08/2019


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