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The objective of the BlueDolphin project is to develop and demonstrate a scalable high-temperature proton-exchange membrane fuel cell range-extender platform for smaller electric marine vessels such as yachts, workboats, ferries etc. The platform will be powered by liquid renewable methanol and hereby enable indirect electrification of waterborne transport. The solution eliminates all harmful emissions such as NOx and SOx and reduces CO2 emissions with up to 100% from a well-to-wheel perspective. The proposed solution overcomes critical challenges with alternative sustainable solutions (hydrogen fuel cells and battery electric) by offering core value propositions such as long travelling range, superior energy density, high efficiency and cost-competitive fuel economy compared to today’s diesel engine alternative.
Also, the distribution and refueling of liquid methanol can utilize the existing infrastructure used for fossil fuels and thereby strongly reduces the need for infrastructure investments. The platform is designed to operate in harsh marine environment and the impacts from vibrations, shocks and salt vapors are investigated and strategies for mitigating these are developed and implemented. Furthermore, concepts for smart use of waste heat from the fuel cell are investigated and analyzed to increase the system efficiency above 80%. Waste heat can be used for cabin heating, cooking and even
cooling. The BlueDolphin platform will be demonstrated on- and offshore with the purpose of validating functionality,
performance and identify further optimizations required before market entry in 2025. The project is strongly aligned with national and global strategies for efficient energy use, reduction of harmful- and greenhouse gas emission benefitting the health of aquatic ecosystems and urban air quality.
Short titleBlueDolphin
Effective start/end date03/01/202228/06/2024

Collaborative partners

  • Blue World Technologies ApS
  • Tuco Yacht værft ApS


  • EUDP: DKK16,229,969.00


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