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    So far, so many business process management (BPM) maturity models have been developed. These models identify the current level of maturity for various factors including people, culture, methods, etc in the organization. However, truly justification of these actions can never happen without actual assessment and measurement of the benefits delivered.
    Therefore, the current research aims at considering the maturity level as an indicator while assessing the tangible and intangible results and quantifying them. For this approach, case studies will be considered and the appropriate maturity model according to the business case will be chosen. Questioners and interviews will part of the maturity level identification for different factors. Along with the situation of organizations, suitable measurement methods detailed in this study plan will be applied. This action research will help the mangers to know the current situation and state of their BPM maturity level, identify the values created and measure them as a justification of their actions. The results will also help them to determine the activities that should be done in the future for further growth and indeed focus at the parts, which need improvement.
    Effective start/end date01/01/201331/01/2015


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