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The project aims to map the presentation and progression of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and influenza-like symptoms in Denmark. To accomplish a detailed directory of symptom mapping the project utilizes REDCap and a transformed version of the Navigate Pain software, now known as SymMaps. Citizens can map the intensity and location of symptoms in detail and overtime from their home or workplace on a regular basis. Both asymptomatic and symptomatic registrations will help contribute to the understanding and identify patterns of symptom presentation and disease timelines.
Short titleC19 SymMaps
Effective start/end date26/03/2020 → …

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AAU-software skal kortlægge virussymptomer

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Pressemeddelelse: Alle danskere kan bidrage til corona-overblik

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C19 SymMaps survey data

Boudreau, S. (Data Collector), VBN, 1 Apr 2020