Canadian/Danish Joint Fuel Cell Initiative - CanDan Phase 2

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This application is for the phase 2 of the CanDan2 project. Phase 1 was started in January 2008 with support from EFP2007-II (ENS-33033-0286). The CanDan2 (phase 1+2) is a continuation of the CanDan1 project that was started in January 2007 with support from EDP2007 (ENS-33032-0208).

The objectives of the CanDan2 are to:

1. Conduct R&D on 2nd generation fuel cell systems for backup power and materials handling and supporting hydrogen dispensers and infrastructure, based on learned experiences from 1st generation R&D and pilot testing in CanDan1.

2. Conduct large scale demonstration in Canada & denmark in early 2009 of the developed fuel cell system bringing 500 kW backup power and 50-60 units of forklift materials handling vehicles in operation at end-user sites i the two countries.

3. Eliminate barriers for large scale development by 2010 through systematic handling of non-recurring and costly activities such as certification and approval issues for both fuel cell systems and supporting hydrogen infrastructure.

4. Secure contiuation of CanDan collaboration onwards a CanDan3 large scale deployment in 2010 by securing continuous cross-boarder bilateral collaboration between the fuel cell sector in both Denmark and Canada and securing set-up of nescessary supporting market frame conditions for a commercial introduction in the two countries.

CanDan2 activities are to be equally co-finansed by private and local/national funding in both countries, but still avoiding any cross-board of public funding. CanDan is a Canadian/Danish joint fuel cell initiative that combines Canadian fuel cell stack knowledge with danish fuel cell system and component knowledge in joint cross-boarder R&D, pilot and demonstration projects with the purpose of commercializing fuel cell systems for early markets such as backup power and materials handling. CanDan is in line with the intentions of the memorandum of  understanding collaboration between British Colombia Hydrogen Highway and Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway partnership, including Hydrogen Denmark.
Effective start/end date01/11/200801/01/2011


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