Cardiovascular system model

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This project involves developing a lumped parameter model of the cardiovascular system (CVS) to be used to improve understanding of CVS function and for implementation in a decision support system. The model has been verified to accurately capture trends in dynamics from throughout the CVS including interactions between ventricles and interactions between the heart and lungs. A simple model of the autonomous nervous system has also been included to enable verification that the model can accurately simulate CVS diseases. The model allows insight into the causes of CVS dynamics during diseases that are not well understood. No other single model found has been shown to verify such a variety of CVS dynamics. Funded by the NABIIT programme under the Danish Council for Strategic Research. (Bram Smith, Steen Andreassen, Stephen Rees; Per Lambert Jensen, Anders Larsson (Aalborg Hospital, Denmark); Geoff Shaw (Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand))
Effective start/end date15/03/200401/11/2007


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